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F970 Charger


The product uses two parallel circuit charging for two

different types of batteries ( battery rated voltage 7.2V/7.4V)

two parallel circuits can be used simultaneously, but also for

a variety of  rechargeable batteries, just need to be equipped

with a variety of the corresponding adapter connector, shared

one charging cradle can charge a variety of battery rotation,

which greatly facilitates the user to achieve multi choice.

DV Battery Charger/U60 Charger


1. "Farseeing "Li-ion battery charger is special designed for

solving the problem that it takes long time for high capacity

Li-ion battery charge.

2. With LCD display indicate the voltage,overall capacity etc .

3. Can automatic identify 3.6V and 7.2V and complete its charge.

4. Wide voltage input design,can be used to office,home,travel etc. it adopts global standard “∞” for AC input port which can use different AC power cord.

5. Easy to operate and reliable.